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Cybersecurity accessible to all !



    Alert by notification when an attack or suspicious event occurs. It is then
    your responsibility to manage the incident on your own


    24/7 monitoring in order to restore, in the shortest possible time, the
    security of the information system when it is threatened


    Regular vulnerability assessment to anticipate all kinds of attacks or abnormal
    behavior before they are harmful


    MANAGED DETECTION & RESPONSE is a system that allows you to be notified when an attack or suspicious event occurs. It is essential to know how to respond effectively to dangers in order to be able to divert or eliminate them. NEXT2i is committed to detect them thanks to its expertise and tools adapted to all kinds of attacks (Next-Gen Antivirus (NGAV), Application and Device Control, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution, etc)

    What is included in the MDR offer

    Intrusion detection and notification

    You are supported by a dedicated expert to manage the build/run solution

    Benefit from cyber-attack detection engineering including the latest

    Capitalize on cyber feedback from other contexts

    Ensure the protection of assets: servers, data and workstations


    A SOC is a device for supervising and administering the security of the information system, which, thanks to the collection of events, makes it possible to detect computer security incidents, to analyze them and to define responses in the event of an alert being issued. Its final objective is to ensure 24/7 monitoring of the entire IT infrastructure in order to restore the security of the information system as quickly as possible when it is threatened.

    What the SOC offer includes

    Alerting, recommendations and remediation assistance

    Monitoring 24/7 des assets et applications critiques

    Detection of intrusions and internal security policy violations

    Log correlation

    Detection engineering

    Threat Qualification

    Threats Intelligence / hunting, Incident Management

    Reporting, reviews and escalation of indicators

    Centralization and archiving of logs


    The VOC is the realization of vulnerability scans using proven tools. In addition to that, NEXT2i brings you recommendations from our experts so that you can learn the right actions to take. Finally, you will be able to take advantage of a dashboard and regular reports so that you can follow the status of your IT system.

    What the VOC offer includes

    Scans of internal and external assets

    Detection of the most common vulnerabilities (SQL injections, XSS, CSRF, ...)

    Threat assessment and prioritization

    Compliance management (NIST, OWASP, CIS,...)

    Monitoring on the Dark Web

    Advice to employees and follow-up

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